Short Film of London Workshop

One of John’s students has made a fab short film of his October workshop at Double Negative Darkroom in London. As you can see, it speeds through the process – pouring collodion, sensitising the plate, exposure and development – at quite a pace! We’ve put a bit of Kirstin’s blog below. It’s interesting to read her thoughts on the experience and it’s great that she and her husband had a good time on the course.

it must have seemed like magic

Kirstin describes the London workshop:

“The immediacy of the process means it is, in some ways, like a Victorian Polaroid. But we had the darkroom nearby and everything mixed and ready to go, which made it quick and easy… Wet-plate collodion photography is as far from digital photography as it is possible to get. And that contrast is what makes it so interesting: it forces you to concentrate on the alchemical process of capturing light.” [Read more…]

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